Curiosity at threshold


This photograph was taken inside the forests of Sasan. A community called maldharis live inside these forests. As per their traditions they are not allowed to even look at men other then their husbands. While I was trying to get her look into the camera, everytime she would turn away her face only to look back after I clicked.


While on my trip to Morbi, I was very fascinated by this bright blue car on the river bank. I was trying all different angles to get a satisfying photo of the car. A child was passing by along with his herd of goats. Seeing a camera in my hand and my eagerness to capture the car, he ran towards the car. He opened the door(which was surprisingly unlocked) and stood there as is to declare his ownership.

My Teady

While moving on the street of Badami, I found this house having white plaster walls and a beautiful coloured door. While trying to click it, this girl came out with a teady. She was eagerly seeing the way I was taking a photo while at the same time was holding on to her teady fearing I might take it.

Not allowed

While moving on the streets of my hometown Rajkot, I found this house with a bright blue door. The owner was around the house and after asking for his permission, tried to click a photo. Seeing a unknown guy with a camera, a girl was eagerly to come out and see what was happening. As she was trying to come out, a gaze from here father was enough to stop her on the threshold. But here curiosity didn’t allow her to go back in.


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